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 AUDUSD 0.7663|0.7666 : EURCHF 1.0704|1.0707 : EURGBP 0.8638|0.8641 : EURJPY 120.21|120.24 : EURUSD 1.0785|1.0788 : GBPUSD 1.2484|1.2487 : NZDUSD 0.7040|0.7043 : USDCAD 1.3322|1.3325 : USDCHF 0.9924|0.9927 : USDJPY 111.45|111.48 : AUDCAD 1.0206|1.0216 : AUDCHF 0.7605|0.7615 : AUDJPY 85.36|85.46 : CADCHF 0.7445|0.7455 : CADJPY 83.63|83.73 : CHFJPY 112.20|112.30 : NZDCAD 0.9375|0.9385 : NZDCHF 0.6983|0.6993 : NZDJPY 78.42|78.52 : EURAUD 1.4077|1.4084       Taiwan Overnight Interbank Rate Opens at 0.172 Pct (vs 0.170 Pct at Previous Session Open)      Taiwan Stocks Open Flat at 9,921.97 Points      Mexico's Carstens says Mexico Looking for Best Combination of Monetary, Fiscal Policy      Mexico's Carstens says Bank Will Act Opportunely to Ensure Inflation Expectations are Anchored      Mexico's Carstens says Expect Inflation Will be Above Target Range This Year, Begin Falling by End of 2017 and Converge to 3 Pct in 2018      Mexico's Central Bank Chief Carstens says Peso Losses and Recovery This Year a Good Example of How Peso Overreacts   


At Numex Fx we provide comprehensive foreign exchange services to a range of sectors, including (but not limited to):

  • Import/Export
  • Distribution
  • Wholesale
  • Property Development and Investment

We focus on making foreign currency exchange fast, flexible, and secure. We use the most current exchange rates to provide our clients with affordable payment options. Our processes are simple and easy to understand. Our focus is on delivering expert advice and excellent service to you, the customer.

We deal in all major deliverable currencies, and offer the following services:

  • Spot Trade
  • Forward Trade
  • Market Order
  • Limit Order 
  • Multiple Payment


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